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13 New Years Re-SEW-lutions for 2013


  1. Start a blog to keep myself motivated on my projects… Is it too early to check this one off? I really like checking things off a list.
  2. Cloth napkins in a pretty fabric – great cloth napkin tutorial – DONE!
  3. Liam’s birthday quilt – I loooove See Kate Sew’s pleated strip quilt! – DONE!
  4. Also a quilt for a niece or nephew who is on the way! I won’t finish in time for his/her due date in February but sometime soon!
  5. Blazer for Liam – try Melly-Sew’s pattern – DONE!
  6. Try at least one new fabric type (knit maybe?) – DONE! (wool!)
  7. New pillowcases for living room… dare I try for seasonal pillowcases? – DONE!
  8. Bow ties for the husband
  9. Learn how to sew buttonholes! – DONE!
  10. Try sewing a zipper or two. – DONE!
  11. Finish Christmas pennant banner! (by next Christmas…)
  12. Only vaguely sewing related – take better pictures! No more blurry phone pictures!
  13. Update this blog with projects I HAVE completed so I can see my accomplishments! I’ve done a lot this year so I think it’ll be nice to see them all laid out. Also so I can get my brag-status on.

2 thoughts on “13 New Years Re-SEW-lutions for 2013

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