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Holiday napkins – FINISHED!


Since I’m a cheapskate (how’s that for an opener?), my favourite time to go holiday shopping is… post-Christmas! I find the best deals usually the week or so after New Years’ – although the selection is generally not as good as right after Christmas. I didn’t get a chance to go to Target but I did swing by Crate & Barrel and got these mini ramekins which I totally plan to use year round. Just too cute not to! I also finally got us a pickle ornament 🙂


So following tradition, I hopped over to Joann’s to browse their holiday fabrics – I needed two yards each of coordinating fabrics to make 8 napkins. If you’re lazy you can just buy 16 fat quarters but you still will need to trim them to size and it will probably be more expensive. I already lost the receipt (read: threw it out) but I think the fabrics were each $4.99 a yard, and I had a 10% off coupon. Tip: never go to Joann’s without a coupon. They have their mailers, email coupons, AND an app – and they double coupons so I never pay full price for anything at Joann’s.

(I just realized that the Petersiks used one of these fabrics for their Clara monthly shot! I am obviously very on-trend. It feels like I just got caught wearing the same dress as Zooey Deschanel.)


I washed and dried my pretty fabric then used my handy dandy rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut out eight 17″x17″ squares out of each fabric. I swear by a rotary cutter and mat – I’ve only ever used this particular model (Olfa straight handle – not the fancy ergonomic handle one which is waaaay cool) but it makes cutting sooooo fast. And I am a terrible cutter. When I use scissors it always looks like I tried to cut it by prodding a shark and shoving the fabric between its jaws. Plus with the rotary cutter you can cut several layers at a time! Around 4 layers is doable for this particular cutter but obviously that depends on the fabric.

Theeeen it was time to iron! After TWO years of having our own place, Kevin finally got me an ironing board! Well, actually he commissioned his parents to buy it for me for Christmas, because an ironing board is just not something your husband should buy you for Christmas. Just sayin’. So now I can iron on a proper board instead of laying towels over my washer and dryer! Definitely not classy.

Then I took two squares – one of each pattern – and faced them together. Pin! Sew 1/4 inch around the perimeter… leave three inches open for turning around! Clip the corners and turn it right-side out! Push the corners to a nice 90-degree angle with a chopstick – or I use the not-pointy end of a bamboo skewer since I have a gazillion in my craft room. Why? Because I hosted a sweet sixteen tea party for my baby sister. It was glorious. One day I may blog about it so it may live on in interneternity.

Then press the napkin again. To close up the gap, topstitch around the perimeter at either 1/4″ or 1/8″. I did 1/8″ this time but I would probably do 1/4″ for my next set. Yes, next set. Or more probably, sets.


And ta-da! Way cute. The way I see it, the more colourful the better because… I’m a messy eater. Hides pasta sauce stains way better! I also like to bring one with me to work because I eat at my desk and yes, I am definitely gross. I keep Mrs. Meyers’ wipes handy because I am just that much of a slob.


#2 on my 2013 resewlutions is making cloth napkins because well… I need not holiday napkins too! It took me about 2 hours total after they came out of the dryer, and that was with walking away to put a load of dirty clothes in the machine and probably to get a snack too. I have a few fabrics that I may use for our everyday napkins but I’m not sure yet. Will definitely post about it for sure!



2 thoughts on “Holiday napkins – FINISHED!

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