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Windmills in my window

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My kitchen door window! It’s the only door we use… seriously, not even guests use the front door because the driveway leads straight up to this side door. When we first moved in – not like we had neighbours – I rigged up a quick kitchen curtain. I had a half yard of a solid blue cotton which reminded me of TARDIS blue which is why I think I picked it up.

I totally went lazy-town with it and just used iron-on hem tape to hem the ends. I don’t think I even bothered to measure it – I just sort of eyeballed it, held it up to the window and decided where to hem it from there. Way technical.

Then I picked up a cheap-o curtain rod from Target and ring clips! I think it was this curtain rod and at the time I used these 1.5″ clip rings which were way too big but I didn’t care, I was home alone all day with a baby for three months. In fact I stole the clip rings from our window dressings from around the house! We have four windows that I’ve used these clip rings on so I just took one from each panel which gave me 8 for this window! Very clever of me.

DSC04621 I also put it up with – wait for it – Command hooks. Not even the nice kind, the small wire ones because I had extras. It took me about a year and a half to finally buy proper-sized clip rings – I found these smaller, more appropriately sized ones (I think they’re 6/8″) at Joann’s – so maybe one day I will upgrade us to the bronze hooks. One day. At least I returned the stolen clip rings to their rightful windows around the house.


I DID switch out the actual curtain recently with this goooorgeous windmill cotton I bought at Joann’s. Is it weird to have favourite fabrics? Because I totally do and I have frequently expounded on my desire to wrap my home in this pattern. So far it has only extended to this curtain and two throw pillowcases for my living room but I don’t know if I’m done with it yet. I’m thinking kitchen towels.

DSC04622I went the whole nine yards (ha, fabric humour) and actually hemmed all the edges and even added happy yellow rick rack! Full disclosure, I did all this during Hurricane Sandy when we were cooped up in the house for two days… otherwise I may not have put in the effort! I’m definitely glad I did though because I think it is just the happiest little kitchen window ever.

Ok, probably not the happiest just yet. After I switch out to the bronze Command hooks, maybe.


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