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Liam’s birthday quilt – FINISHED!



I snapped a photo of Liam’s finished birthday quilt for Facebook as soon as I pulled it off the sewing machine and snipped the last threads. That’s how exciting this is for me. My first quilt! I followed see kate sew’s pleated strip quilt tutorial except very very loosely… I used strips of varying width because I just don’t have that many scraps. So some strips are up to 6 inches wide and some are only 2 inches. I had 16 strips total and I only pleated three of them.


I only purchased two fabrics for this quilt: the teal with white elephants and the black + white paw prints.


This little man loves it. Or I’ll just tell myself that.


I backed it with a houndstooth fleece from Joann’s. I sandwiched low-loft batting in there because I wanted to keep it fairly thin. I stitched the ditch, but only on every few strips or so, not every one.


I used three packages of pre-made binding from Joann’s as well. Is there anything sweeter than houndstooth with kelly green? I say not!

Excuse me while I pat myself on the back some more.


2 thoughts on “Liam’s birthday quilt – FINISHED!

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