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sergerSo, awesome story – I won my office’s NCAA bracket this year. I have never in my life participated in a bracket, but it was free and my whole office was super excited. I selected my bracket in about ten minutes solely based on who was picked more by other bracket participants (according to Yahoo)… and maybe also if I liked their logo or team colors.

Aaaaand I won $100! All without watching a single game! I thought that was weird, I thought watching the games and screaming at the TV was supposed to help them win and I did neither. Although my boss did send me the video of the Louisville guy who broke his leg and I nearly emptied my stomach onto my keyboard.

Anyway that money was immediately earmarked for sewing goodies. I initially planned on upgrading my sewing machine but decided that my trusty, most basic of basic Singer Promise 1409 has gotten me this far and has never given me problems yet… so a serger!

I peeped in a few sewing shops and found much better models (there was a Pfaff coverlock machine that had me drooling but I was quickly brought down to Earth when I found out how much those babies cost… even refurbished!) but I’m just not ready to invest in a high-end model yet. The Brother 1034D has ridiculously good reviews and seems pretty user-friendly, so it sounds perfect for a confident beginner/intermediate sewer like me.

We still had a little bit of leftover gift card money and some points to use (Amazon Chase credit card, wutup!) so this hot piece of work only set me back $70, after I factor in my bracket winnings!

I’m calling the rest of it my Mothers’ Day present. I still want breakfast in bed though.


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