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Liam’s birthday backpack – FINISHED!

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I am so in love with Rae’s backpack tutorial. It is in fact the first pattern I’ve ever felt the need to buy, so I went ahead and never looked back. Lucky for me, she has probably the clearest, easiest patterns I’ve used so far. Unlucky for me, pattern-buying is a slippery slope…


Whoops, this is the only side view I shot of it.

I’ve since bought Rae’s Washi dress* and Geranium dress patterns. Yes, the Geranium pattern is for little girls, and I only have a boy. I will obviously be making lots of Geranium dresses for any and all little girls I meet. I’ve also made the (free!) Itty Bitty Baby dress for Liam’s baby friend. (When are they big enough that I need to stop calling them “baby friends”? I hope never.) Anyway Miss V’s birthday is in July so I won’t be revealing that dress until after her party. Sorry not sorry. Also someone had to model the dress and I only had one two-year-old available so… I may have tried it on Mr. L… and took pictures. For the sake of his (future) dignity I won’t post those pictures but they do exist for me to snicker at. And possibly share with his girlfriends in about 15 years.


For his backpack, I chose this comic book-type print I found at Joann’s… sorry, I can’t find it online. I didn’t line it because I was too excited for him to start using it, but the pattern calls for adding the lining at the end so it shouldn’t be too hard if I felt like it needed it in the future. I don’t think the backpack necessarily NEEDS to be lined though. We’ve used it to and from daycare and whenever we go out. (In case you’re curious, it fits up to 4-5 BumGenius 4.0s and a wet bag, plus room for an extra pair of pants and his sippy cup.)


I bought the pattern and gathered my supplies in early March in anticipation of Liam’s birthday on April 24. It took me two nights of post-Liam’s bedtime shifts: the first night was cutting the pattern out and taping the pieces together, then transferring to the fabric and cutting all the pieces. I think the first night I also did the first few steps of sewing. The second night I was able to get it all put together. Soooo happy with it, and so much faster than I thought it would take!

Way cooler than a diaper bag. Mainly because we can make him lug his own junk around now and he thinks it’s neat. Ha! Win-win.

 I love those little straps.

The best part about the pattern is that there are directions to make a slightly bigger backpack. When he’s at the point of needing a larger backpack, he will probably be in preschool or kindergarten so I think I’d definitely line it to give it more structure so he can carry his books and pencils and whatever school-aged children carry these days. Tablets? Graphing calculators?

*I just finished cutting out my Washi dress fabric and I am DYING to put it together!!!


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