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Liam’s lunch bag – FINISHED!

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Just further proof that my son is the coolest kid in daycare.

I LOVE the Gingercakes Love Your Lunch Box pattern. It’s super easy and only took me a couple of hours – I cut out all the pieces last night (about 30 minutes) and put it together in about 1.5-2 hours this morning.

I used leftover fabric from Liam’s birthday backpack (using the Made by Rae Toddler Backpack pattern), because obviously your lunch bag has to match your school bag. I am ashamed to admit that his lunch has been carried to and from daycare in a freebie lunch tote that was handed out as promotional items at an event we attended ages ago. Like these. I won’t even bother with a picture because I frankly did not give it much love and therefore it’s quite disgusting in its current state.

But L’s New Lunch Bag! So cute! So cool! So insulated!


It has little side pockets for his snack bars.


This was my second time using Insul-bright. I’ve only ever used it in sewing oven mitts which I am still currently working on… so I can’t attest to how good it is at holding in heat/cold or preventing you from burning your fingers off when baking cookies. After I finish the gift-oven mitts I’m planning on making some for myself so I will report back! That is, unless I do burn my fingers off. Then I’m afraid that’ll be the end of my blogging career.


I haven’t ever used PUL before, and I didn’t know where to find it on short notice so I just picked up one of these packages at Joann’s in the cloth diaper section. I used most of one “sheet” – they come in packages of three 21″ x 24″ cuts. I’m sure it’s cheaper by the yard but the Joann’s stores by me don’t carry it by the yard.

It definitely got difficult to sew the lining because you’re trying to sew two pieces of Insul-Bright with two PUL linings. It gets SLIPPERY! My suggestion is to use a gajillion pins, especially around corners, and only pull the pin out just before you’re about to sew over them.

I’ve also never used velcro before. How did that happen? I guess velcro usage increases when you have little children.


I also sewed his little name tag on so everyone knows how awesome his mom is. I just sewed it on before sewing the flap outside piece to the flap inside piece.


The pattern also comes with a bonus to sew snack pouches. The “pattern piece” is really just a rectangle, so you can obviously make them whatever size you want- but the directions are nice to have! I quickly made one (seriously, it takes like ten minutes) and it’s cuuuute. I want to make several in coordinating colors!


Here is the lunch bag with his little backpack. AWESOME.


Is it wrong to want one for myself? I could definitely see it in my fave windmills (which AHHHH is “no longer available” on the website, although I think I saw it in store the last time I was there. I MAY need to buy whatever they have left) with a bright yellow lining.


One thought on “Liam’s lunch bag – FINISHED!

  1. Simply adorable Mommy! Great job 🙂

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