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Dino socks – FINISHED!

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Is it weird that when I saw this post on making stegosaurus socks, I immediately thought of my almost 24-year-old sister-in-law? And not… you know, someone who is a child?


If this is the kind of world where a grown woman can’t wear stegosocks, then I’m not sure I want to live in it!

I made three different pairs, varying up the spikes a bit. First I did a slightly random spike pattern. For this one I made the spikes one piece. The second was a stegosaurus spike. The third was a more uniform triangular spike. Just regular old felt!




Make an incision in the center back of the sock. Make sure your spikes fit in the hole you cut in the back of the sock. And don’t forget to start a few inches above the heel! Pesky shoes get in the way đŸ˜‰


Sandwich the spikes inside the cut of the sock, spikes pointing away.


For the individual piece ones, I pinned them in place. For the one big piece, I did not.


Serge! Or zig zag with your sewing machine. Make sure the felt pieces are caught in the seam.


Turn them inside out and BOOM, you’re done! I whipped up three pairs in about twenty minutes. Resist the urge to do this to all of your socks.




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