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Kids Clothes Week recap

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I didn’t do as badly as I thought I would! I certainly didn’t fit in an hour per day but I was able to sneak 20 minutes here and there when both husband and toddler were mesmerized by food or television or computer.

I finished the weiner dog shorts AND the London buildings shorts! Behold…


I really cannot be trusted to change the thread out on my serger, because I will never change it back to white or black or something neutral. I changed it to this royal blue for my Star Charts Washi/Liam’s Star Charts pants and I haven’t bothered to change it out yet. At least it’s kind of in-theme for the London buildings shorts.


Obviously we need to work on smiling.


He hasn’t worn his weiner dogs shorts yet – probably tomorrow. I still refused to change the thread on my serger so I was inspired to do french seams all over for these shorts.


The little doggies! They kill me every time.


Here are his Star Charts pants in action again, ready to go to his great-grandpa’s 80th birthday party. I wore my Star Charts Washi and husband wore a green polo. It was kind of adorable.


And here, have a picture of a toddler eating a comically large ice cream cone:



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