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Sister Washis: Part II

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I finished Rosie’s Star Wars Washi!


I was ALMOST able to finish Rosie’s Star Wars dress when I was visiting them a few weeks ago – I even lugged my serger with me to Jersey! I didn’t get to finish the side seams or hem the dress though, as I was only visiting overnight and it was a busy weekend, so I took it home to finish up.


CUTE! I still need to get pictures of her wearing it but I’m fairly confident it’ll fit fine. She wanted it way shorter than I would be comfortable wearing though so that might be the only thing I’d have to adjust – making it shorter. Oh my God, am I old?


Next up is Romina’s Panda Washi! I can’t wait!


One thought on “Sister Washis: Part II

  1. That’s so pretty! And I love that washi tape, I’m a bit obssseed with grid and copybook stationary.I had a weird thought the other day, that it would be nice to be a lesbian for Valentine’s Day, that way both women could get excited about making crafty things for each other, whereas if I made John something he would appreciate the effort, but not really love/understand the cuteness like another girl would. Is that the strangest thought ever? I’ll just end up buying him a nerdy thing which he will love.

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