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Ruffle Apron II


see kate sew

Here’s my second Ruffle Apron!


This was for my friend Emma’s bridal shower. She’s getting married later this month and I can’t wait!

And because I’m a bad friend, I didn’t know that her fiance does all the cooking… but we had a good time laughing over the thought of her fiance wearing this apron while cooking.

I think I’m laughing here because L found a bowl of mac + cheese on the table and just started eating it. IMAG2484[1]

(If you look closely you’ll see I’m wearing a yet-to-be-blogged Washi in Cynthia Rowley Pointillism. It’s my latest Washi and I get compliments on it EVERYWHERE I go. The fabric is that awesome.)

I just used two fabrics I picked out at Jo-Ann’s in the quilting section. I love red/coral with teal! I’m especially fond of this scattered white dots on red.



I guess I can’t be TOO bad of a friend… I embroidered her initial on the pocket, for goodness sakes.


2 thoughts on “Ruffle Apron II

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