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Ruby Dress in Bouquet Sprout


Can I just say that I love the entire Juliana Horner line at Jo-Ann’s? Because I totally do.

I bought a couple yards of the Bouquet Sprout knowing I wanted to make a dress. I also bought a yard of Garden Main Floral, not knowing what I’ll be doing with it – I’m thinking maybe lining for a bag? I also really want to get a couple of yards of Rosebed Pomegranate but I’m slowly drowning in fabric so I resisted the temptation.

I snapped up the Ruby Dress by Rae because I’m a sucker for dresses with no closures. Rae is definitely a girl after my own heart. The Ruby pattern is even easier than the Washi. At this point I could make the Washi dress with my eyes closed, having made about eight or so (I don’t know, I need to take inventory) by now.


I took in quite a bit from both sides from just below the bustline to the hem. I do tend to need to do a full-bust adjustment, but luckily on this pattern it was just a matter to cutting a Medium and grading down the waist and skirt portion to a Small.


I bound the edges with some premade yellow bias binding. Super easy! I do prefer the look of binding inside so I folded it under and topstitched down.


I used the Bouquet Sprout and some Robert Kaufman Interweave Chambray in Slate. Tell me why I only bought three yards of the chambray? I want a whole bolt.


I think these two fabrics go reaaaally well together. I wear it a lot with the mustard yellow belt but I’ve also worn it with a silver belt and a brown woven leather belt. I don’t think I have the guts to wear it sans belt though – too topheavy.



I am clearly still learning how to use my remote. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the hang of hiding the stupid thing.


That’s all for now! I have some Parsley pants (I know, this blog should just be renamed Everything Rae Hoekstra Does is Unicorns and Rainbows) and some other dresses that I need to photograph/blog! I’ll need to practice with my remote!


3 thoughts on “Ruby Dress in Bouquet Sprout

  1. I LOVE this!!! Awesome job on this one. Great fabrics and smart move with the faux-FBA…love that too.


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