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Chambray Parsley Pants

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I think baby pants are probably my favorite clothing item to make. They’re so easy, and there are so many ways to personalize them.

Take the Parsley Pants – I made a pair out of my new beloved Robert Kaufman chambray in about 2 hours. They looked amaaaazing and beautiful and pretty darn professional, if you ask me. (Beneath them is the pair of gray linen-cotton blend pants I hinted at during last KCW but never blogged. I had planned on taking pictures of them too but we had to run out and I didn’t get a chance to take photos of L wearing them.)


Then I realized they were too big. Blah.

I just guessed that L would be a 3T since he has some retail 2Ts that are getting too small so I just sized up. Unfortunately they are too big and I was so so sad. That’s what I get for all this naptime-sewing… I don’t get to fit the clothes to him as I sew! Luckily he’ll have pants for next year too.


I’m running low on my tag supply… must make more! I’m thinking of going with see kate sew’s method.


I made them flat front with the pouch pockets, and I lined the pockets with some leftover Star Wars blueprint fabric (from Rosie’s Washi). Husband was tickled by the idea of the pants holding the hidden secret plans to the Death Star. And yes, I made both pairs of pants exactly the same way. This is an AT-AT foot. I may have cut the pockets lining out upside down. Oops.


Little man styling the pants. He’s finally at the point where he knows to ham it up for the camera, which is hilarious and fun. He was a bit distracted this time with his toothbrush. Right now he’s going through a loves-brushing-his-teeth phase, bless him.


Another phase he’s going through right now? Everything-is-a-sword phase. Especially wooden spoons.

Little Converse. I’ve bought him a pair since he was I think a size 4? We’re on size 8 now (and I’ve already bought 9 and 10) and it’s still the most adorable thing in the world.



Verdict? These pants are AWESOME. I don’t ever want to buy pants for L again. I have plans for these again in fine wale corduroy and flannel for PJs!


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