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Washi Dress in Cynthia Rowley Pointillism

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Or as I affectionately refer to it – my Confetti dress! A woman at Starbucks told me that her daughter whispered to her that my dress “looks like sprinkles” and I pretty much beamed.

I finally tried out the U-cutout neckline and… I cut it too wide. Oops.


I still think it’s cute! I haven’t gotten around to understitching the interfacing to keep it lying flat so right now I just blast the hell out of it with steam from my iron. I’ve probably spent more time doing that than it would have taken to just understitch the thing. Oh well.


Anyway I think it’s probably my favorite Washi! Do I say that every time? I think I do, but I mean it. I can wear it to work with a cardi, or out to a party/event, AND it has pockets. The best part is I can wear it with pink, yellow, blue, green, or black… really any color!

Another Washi success!

Pattern: Washi dress (duh, what else?) by Made by Rae
Fabric: Cynthia Rowley Pointillism in Primary from Hawthorne Threads


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