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Parsley Parsley Pants

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As soon as I saw Rae’s Parsley Pants, I knew I needed to make them in green for Liam. What kid doesn’t want green pants?

I found a bright green bull denim at Jo-Ann’s. First of all, let me just advise against using this fabric. It starts out very stiff, eventually softening up after several washings… but only after turning absolutely everything light-colored in your laundry GREEN. I mean, they’ve gone through the wash at least 5 times now and they’re still turning things green.


It ain’t easy being green. Kermit would know.


I tried out the pintucks and I love them!



The bull denim fades a lot too, which is kind of nice looking, but makes the pants much more casual.


I wanted to add patch pockets but UGH the bull denim! *shakes fist* It was way too thick for my machine to handle all the layers after the pockets had been assembled.


But green pants!


Even better when you’ve got fruit snacks!


And yes, he totally ate that.


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