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Navy Kelly skirt


I’m trying to sew more cake and less frosting for myself and well, it’s really hard. I’d much rather sew the floraliest, most heartastic, kitten-adorned dresses in the world (evidenced by my fabrics Pinterest board) but I really need some separates as well, and I need to be able to mix and match them to some extent so I can pretend to be a normal person at work.

That doesn’t mean I can’t be ADORBS too! I’ve wanted the Megan Nielsen Kelly skirt for ages now but I have a thing against paper patterns. The tissue paper just makes me really nervous because I feel like they get so rumpled and I will NEVER be able to use them again. Oh, and also my fear of the buttonhole foot on my machine.


WELL not only has Megan Nielsen started converting their patterns to PDF format, I have since conquered my fear of the buttonholer! I was super productive over Thanksgiving weekend and sewed not one, not two, not three, but FOUR garments with buttons. Ok, one of them only had one button, but TWO of them were Kelly skirts so I got a lot of practice! My machine does four-step buttonholes which sounds really terrifying (anyone else? just me?) but it turned out fine! I wouldn’t say they’re the most beautiful buttonholes in the world, but I’m getting a lot better.


I used this cotton twill from Jo-Ann’s, lined the pockets with leftover Bouquet Sprout from my Ruby dress, and used these faux (?) wooden buttons, also from Jo-Ann’s. I’m not sure why I only ended up with five buttons (they came 2 to a package) so I used an old 1″ tortoise shell button I had in my stash for the top instead of two smaller buttons.


I love the pleats on this skirt! It actually may be a little TOO full for me. I made a second Kelly skirt this weekend and cut a small for the skirt pieces but kept the medium waistband and just shifted the pleats to fit. I like the second skirt better and may adjust this skirt as well to tone down some of the fullness.

One thing about this twill though – holy lint trap, Batman! It comes out of the dryer completely covered with all the lint from the other clothes, and attracts dog hair like a magnet. A dog hair magnet. It even attracted lint from my sweater all day long.

Also, I swear I’m not wearing black tights with a navy skirt! They’re gray, I promise!


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