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Corduroy Kelly skirt


Another Kelly skirt in my repertoire!


This is uncut corduroy from Jo-Ann’s in Biking Red.



I found these lovely buttons at Jo-Ann’s during their BOGO buttons sale during Thanksgiving weekend. They look like hammered gold.




I love the look of uncut corduroy. It looks almost velvety and it’s super comfy for this cold weather!


This time I cut the skirt pieces Small and the waistband Medium. Not sure what I did but the waistband could’ve been a Small as well. I also think both skirts are too long by about two inches so I will probably rehem them both.


I lined the pockets with the silver shot cotton I was talking about for my failed Laurel. I bought it at – I don’t see the silver anymore but this is the dark green one (which I think is actually quite lovely… I’d love to use that for a scarf!) This is one use I’ve found for it – another more exciting one is waiting to be pictured!


I was taking these pictures but Liam kept looking at the LCD screen and waving at Mummy inside the camera… he nearly knocked the tripod over a couple of times. Never a dull moment.



3 thoughts on “Corduroy Kelly skirt

  1. Those buttons look great with the color of the skirt!

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