reiny days and mondays


Hello, my name is Reina! All I really like to do, besides hug and feed my baby and husband, is read books and sew pieces of fabric together.

Also important:

  1. I want to drape my home in this windmill fabric but so far I’ve only made a kitchen door curtain and two throw pillowcases with it. Maybe kitchen towels. I lived in the Netherlands for a few years when I was young so I love windmills and all things Dutch! [Update: cloth napkins too. Ahhh, it’s an illness!]
  2. Michael Miller Fabrics is my fave fabric designer, and it is probably because of the dachshund puppies. It kills me.
  3. I am a proud Kindle owner! Best part about e-readers? I read 50 Shades all over the place with no shame! Wish I’d had one when Twilight came out, talk about embarrassing. Also helps to not have to lug around all the Song of Ice & Fire books.
  4. I also write about Harry Potter. No shame.



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