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Staple Dress – FINISHED!

I wasn’t sure if the Staple Dress was really my style but it just looked soooo easy so I had to try it out. I found this floaty linen-blend at Joann’s (60% linen, 40% cotton) with no idea what I wanted to make with it but once I was home with both the fabric and the pattern I decided I needed to try it.


The jury is still out on whether it’s really flattering on me. I even took the pockets out (gasp!) because I felt like they added unnecessary bulk around the middle, particularly because it’s such a floating fabric.

I only bought two yards (pattern calls for 2-2/3) so it’s nearing inappropriate in length for work attire. Did I wear it to work anyway? Yes. Yes, I did.¬†I’m 5’2″ so the 2 yards really might not be enough for most people but I wanted a dress, damn it.

I cut a medium and it was giiiiiiiinormous. It is, as I expected, a super easy, super fast pattern (especially with a serger) but I spent a fair bit of time trying to get it to fit on me and figuring out what to do about the waist.

I basically just took the sides in until didn’t look like a pillowcase. I tried shirring it at the waistband but I didn’t like it on this dress and spent a very tiresome evening ripping out three lines of elastic thread. NO BUENO.¬†Finally I decided a simple fabric belt would be best so I just cut a super long strip and sewed one up. Not on the bias even, can you imagine? I obviously didn’t have enough fabric to cut on the bias.


The best part about this pattern is the neck and arm bindings. So beautiful, so neat! I hardly had to pull the fabric to make them fit.

I might make it again – I think the floaty linen is really good for this so maybe a crepe would be good too. It’s reaaally comfy!