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Everyday cloth napkins – FINISHED!

This is about how it took me four months to make eight cloth napkins.

You know, the easiest thing in the world. I made holiday ones earlier this year. (After Christmas, no less.)

A few weeks into the new year, we were having guests over for dinner. That usually spurns a little obsessing over making the house perfect. I obviously don’t get out much. I NEEDED cloth napkins. Not holiday ones, either! So hours before they were set to arrive, I whipped up six of these cloth napkins. I had two yards of my beloved windmill fabric but not quite enough of a coordinating fabric. Great. So I had to improvise and use two different fabrics for the second side. Of course I didn’t have enough to make an even eight, so I made six, ironed them up and ran to the kitchen to make dinner.


This is the one I didn’t have enough of. Love it, by the way, and apparently Joann’s or Joann’s customers do too because they keep printing them in different colors. Sorry, this is the wrong side.


Make sure you clip your corners! That’s how you get a lovely pointy end. That and shoving a chopstick in there.


So why did it take me four months? I never finished the last two napkins. Oh, they were cut and pinned together, all right. They just sat on the corner of my craft table, mocking me. You only have six cloth napkins, loser! Get a life! No one loves you because you don’t have a full set of napkins! Something like that.


Finally, in my Washi Tape frenzy last weekend I decided to take a break and finish up the last two napkins. WHY ARE STRAIGHT LINES SO BORING?! Actually, three or four cloth napkins are really simple to sew together… fun, even. It’s the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth that really hit home how boring it is. It’s how I imagine sewing floor-length curtains would be.

While I was at it, I ironed them all. Really, what better way is there to spend your Friday afternoon than to iron your cloth napkins? I’m only slightly kidding. It’s pretty fantastic to have a beautiful pile of homemade, freshly pressed napkins. Mrs. Potts wasn’t joking when she said “Thank the Lord I’ve had the napkins freshly pressed”. I felt like she was judging me every time she sang that line, and I promise you, we watch that movie A LOT in our house.


But my, they’re pretty. Glad I got over that little slump.

And of course I’m making a friend cloth napkins and an oven mitt/pot holder set for her bridal shower.


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