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Photo dump

I’ve been working on tons of little gifts for friends and family so I haven’t had too much to share lately. In fact I’ve made too much in the past three months to sit down and actually photograph them so all I’ve got are a handful of phone photos. Honestly though, I don’t really think of the presents I make as “blog material” so I don’t worry too much about getting them on the blog. I am still proud of them though so I want to mark them down somewhere!

First up is a monster I made for a friend’s son’s 1st birthday. They had a monster theme for the party which was ADORABLE. I made a dozen small (about 8-inch) monsters for the favors, basing their designs on the invitations. I made this big guy (he was about 18 inches) for the birthday boy himself.


Next I made a quick quilt for my nephew’s first birthday. This was originally on my 2013 resewlutions post (oops) but… uh, better late than never, yeah? This baby was super quick to make because I just made 6-inch strips. The only thing that took a while was hand-binding the quilt. I’d never done it before but for some reason I just couldn’t get the binding sewn on by machine without a bunch of twisting and puckers so I eventually ripped it all out and bound it by hand.


It really feels like birthday season right now – we went to two birthday parties for kids in Liam’s daycare class on two consecutive weekends. They were both girls so I made two Geranium dresses. All the fabrics and notions are from Jo-Ann’s. I love both of these!





While writing this post I just remembered I also made a set of cloth napkins for Kev’s cousin’s wedding! I really wish I had taken photos because the colours I picked were so lovely. I sincerely want to keep every set of cloth napkins I make as gifts. Ugh.

I also made some tiny baby pants for a certain friend who is expecting. The baby shower hasn’t happened yet so no pictures yet, sorry! I used Rae’s newborn pants pattern (free!) for the first time. It’s ridic easy but I do highly recommend finishing all the seams since the pants will likely be washed a bunch. I just used my serger.

I have a bunch of projects on deck for myself and for my boys so I should be back soon with some real posts!



Three Sisters, Three Washi Dresses

I have three younger sisters, all of whom are, to varying degrees, very fashion-conscious. I’m also the only one who sews. My mom has sewn all of our lives but only recently took it up again – she makes them super cute dresses (and matching bags!) all the time… but when I started pumping out Washi dresses for myself they started hounding me to make it for them too.

I thought it would be fun to do a little mini-series on our Sister Washis. Let’s meet our lovely contestants, shall we?

Sisters! We are NOT in age order but L-R it’s: Romina, Rianna, moi, and Rosie



Her boyfriend nearly rivals my husband in nerdiness (love ya B!), hence the Star Wars. I very nearly bought this fabric at Jo-Ann’s (which is no longer available, sad!) for Liam’s bedroom but refrained due to indecisiveness. Rosie bought two yards for no apparent reason and then later begged me to make it a Washi for her. Sorry, blurriest phone picture ever… I took this one night to send to her:


It is HARD to squeeze a Washi dress out of two yards, and out of a directional print too! I did it though, although I’ve never spent so much time laying out pattern pieces before. I also had to cut the pockets out separately for the first time since making this pattern. Luckily she’s short like me so I’m able to cut it quite a bit shorter than the pattern requires.

Also, I’m glad for that little exercise in pattern-laying because it has inspired me to be more conscious about how I lay my pattern pieces for the most efficient use of fabric.

I did most of it in just a couple of hours when she was here a few weeks ago but she didn’t get to try it on before I sewed up the sides. BUT I visited this weekend and did a quick fit test with her and finished most of it. I just need to finish seams and hem the dress.


Romina loves pandas so I searched forever and ever until I found a panda print that I liked. Enter Riley Blake’s Sunny Happy Skies line… but it came out a while ago so I kept finding just a yard in stock in various places – and I was adamant that I get it with the blue background because it’s her favourite colour. FINALLY found some at JAQS Fabrics – Sunny Panda Blue. Cute!!!


All I’ve done so far is wash/dry and iron the fabric. She’s probably an XS but I’m thinking I’ll still need to take some of it in based on my measurements from making Rianna’s. Hers will probably be hardest to fit because I hardly ever see her – she’s away at college so I don’t see her as much as the others!


This is the only one I’ve finished! I was able to bang it out one afternoon while they were visiting over the Fourth of July weekend.

Rianna has an obsession with London. She’s never been but it’s her current life ambition. Part of it is her love for Harry Potter, which I share, and another part is her obsession with One Direction… which I do not share. This is the London Buildings fabric that I used for L’s pants during KCW.


I really like the little beefeaters! Too cute.

Her only request for this dress was that it had to have a peter pan collar… which I’ve never made before. I couldn’t find a good one online so I ended up drafting it myself. It turned out quite cute, although it took me forever to figure out how to attach it!


Also I finished the dress as they were literally going out the door to drive back to Jersey. I didn’t even get to tack down the peter pan collar like I wanted to so I commissioned my mom to get it done sometime.

So that meant I didn’t even take pictures of the finished product! I told her she could take the dress but she HAD to take pictures… it took her ages but at least she asked her friend Tyler Kenny who has his own photography business which is why these pictures are way better than the norm on my blog.


Ugh, isn’t she a cutie pie? She’s actually quite ridiculous, so don’t let her looks fool you.

Aaaaand it sounds like Rae has a peter pan collar as part of the add-on coming up. EXCITED!

Stay tuned for the next installment of Sister Washis!

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Kids Clothes Week!

Ok so the first two days of my first Kids Clothes Week were a bust. As in, I did zero hours of sewing.

In my defense, Mr. L decided not to sleep on Sunday and Monday night, and I was clever and used last night to catch up on some much-needed sleep. I did spend a good deal of this past weekend cutting out some shorts/pants for L out of my excess yardage stash, plus I did finish a pair of pants for him so I at least have something to show this week. I also have two baby girl dresses that I had to wait to blog about until after they were given as presents.

Here are L’s new pants! I really like Dana’s kid pants pattern because 1. it’s free, 2. it’s super easy, 3. there are a lot of options to switch it up, aaaaand, it’s free. Hard to beat that. I love the flat front option. I also sew his nametag to the outside of the back waistband… mostly because I think everyone should see how awesome my work is.


This is Lizzy House’s Star Charts in navy, which I may or may not made a Washi dress out of… which I may or may not have worn to a birthday party with Liam wearing his Star Charts pants. I’m planning on matching clothing with Liam until he refuses. My goal is age 12, or whenever he threatens to declare himself emancipated.


I also cut a few pairs of pants/shorts, again with Dana’s pattern. It’s probably lucky that I only had enough to make shorts out of the Michael Miller weiner dogs fabric because they probably would’ve looked too much like PJs as pants.


The London Buildings fabric are also destined to become shorts. The London fabric is excess from making my little sister a Washi dress but she has so far failed to provide me with decent pictures. She lives in NJ so I told her when she left my house that she needed to take pictures of the dress and send them back to me within 3 business days or I’d go Cinderella’s stepsisters on the dress and rip it up. Threats apparently don’t work on her. She tried sending me crappy phone pictures and I demanded new ones. God, her seamstress is a jerk.


I also cut pants out of a gray linen-cotton blend but that is just way too boring to photograph, sorry. Here are the dresses I made for L’s friend for her second birthday:

Free itty bitty baby dress from Made by Rae – quilting cotton from Joann’s:




Geranium dress also by Rae – also random Joann’s fabric 


I got to use my new snaps plier. It gets lots of terrible reviews but I think it works just fine. Plus, not having to make buttonholes!


So that’s where I stand on Kids Clothes Week. I hope to get all or most of these pants done this week – I’ll probably end up binge-sewing this weekend rather than doing an hour a day.

And let’s not talk about how I made another Washi dress for myself, making it number 5. Only 2 of which have been blogged. I also made one for my sister and am working on one for another sister. Three sisters. Three Washi dresses. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

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Dino socks – FINISHED!

Is it weird that when I saw this post on making stegosaurus socks, I immediately thought of my almost 24-year-old sister-in-law? And not… you know, someone who is a child?


If this is the kind of world where a grown woman can’t wear stegosocks, then I’m not sure I want to live in it!

I made three different pairs, varying up the spikes a bit. First I did a slightly random spike pattern. For this one I made the spikes one piece. The second was a stegosaurus spike. The third was a more uniform triangular spike. Just regular old felt!




Make an incision in the center back of the sock. Make sure your spikes fit in the hole you cut in the back of the sock. And don’t forget to start a few inches above the heel! Pesky shoes get in the way 😉


Sandwich the spikes inside the cut of the sock, spikes pointing away.


For the individual piece ones, I pinned them in place. For the one big piece, I did not.


Serge! Or zig zag with your sewing machine. Make sure the felt pieces are caught in the seam.


Turn them inside out and BOOM, you’re done! I whipped up three pairs in about twenty minutes. Resist the urge to do this to all of your socks.