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Halloween Costume – Fix-It Felix Jr!

Here is L’s second costume – Fix-It Felix, Jr. Have you seen the movie Wreck-It Ralph? Because you should. Just come over any day of the week since we watch it nearly every day…



For the shirt I used the Oliver + S Sketchbook shirt pattern which I’ve been wanting to try for ages. I used Country Classic Solids from Jo-Ann’s – I believe it was Wedgewood Blue. I really should know since I had to go back for a QUARTER YARD because I messed up the collar really badly, had to trash it, and realized that I must have accidentally thrown out my scraps. Ugh. 1 yard is perfect for the 3T though, in case you’re wondering.



This pattern is amazing. I feel like it really, really looks RTW which I think is a win. Ok, except maybe the embroidered nametag. I’ll have to work on my embroidering skills. I sewed the nametag on with a very long stitch to ensure it’s easy to remove since I want L to be able to wear it in the future.



I used black pearl snaps because I stupidly bought three buttons… since Fix-It Felix has three buttons on his shirt. Um, what was I thinking?


I really like the little back pleat… looks just like his Daddy’s shirts! I think the shirt construction looks so, so professional! Also, gotta love flat sleeves… easy as pie!

I bought this baseball cap from Amazon and I might pick up a couple more! It turns out L LOVES this hat and wears it all the time at home. I just quickly stenciled (freezer paper method) the FF symbol on some leftover Goldenrod cotton from his Dalek costume. It’s a bit messy but it was um… 11pm. I’m normally passed out by 9. I just attached it to the hat with one or two stitches by hand in each corner – I want to make sure it’s easily removable.



I also bought these little gloves but uh, it turns out L is afraid of them. He keeps looking at the dark insides and refuses to put his hands in them. Oh well. Kid, you’ll need these when I need you to chop wood for me next year, ok? (Kidding, leave me alone, Internet police.) Also spray painted an old toy hammer with gold spray paint. EASY.



I don’t have many pictures of L in the costume as he mostly wore it during the parade at daycare. I had to do some serious cropping to make sure I didn’t include any other kids here! Oh, and also, Liam hated the parade apparently.


I made him a little tool belt out of a remnant I found at Jo-Ann’s. Forgot to take pictures of that too, blah. You can kind of see it in the picture above – I included a little pouch attachment and a loop for his hammer. I had no idea what the little pouch was for but it ended up being a perfect place to stash the gloves he wouldn’t wear.



I’ll have to see if I can get him dressed up again this weekend for a photo op. This time  I’ll have candy to cheer him up!




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Halloween costumes – Doctor Who!

I am back after an extremely crazy Kids Clothes Week!

I so inconveniently decided to fall ill with bronchitis during KCW, and in the week leading up to Halloween no less!


We usually do two costumes for L: one is a group costume that we do as a family when we go to our friend’s annual Halloween party, and a different costume for L to wear at daycare for their little parade.


Our group costume was the Doctor (Eleven, if you must know), his TARDIS, and a Dalek. OBVS L had to be the Dalek so I whipped up a Geranium dress… because when else can I make a dress for my son? I sewed up a 3T and lengthened the skirt and also cut it as an A-line skirt rather than gathered. I was playing this by ear so I initially thought I would need a yellowish fabric to start with so I bought Hawthorne Thread’s Solid in Goldenrod. I later decided to use fabric spray paint to make it really gold so I picked up a couple of bottles of this stencil spray at Jo-Ann’s. It turned out looking great on the outside but bled horribly onto the inside. A nice plus was that the fabric stiffened up quite a bit so the skirt really stayed flared out, which I think worked nicely. What worked for me was spraying one whole side, then smoothing it all out with a foam brush. It was a bit streaky and drippy so going over it with the brush gave it better and more even coverage.


I threw it in the wash after I’d finished painting and letting it dry, but now I’m afraid it’s rather wrinkly and I’m not keen to iron all that paint. Well, lesson learned.

I cut out a million felt circles for the Dalek bumps and painted them with gold glitter paint. Why didn’t I spray paint them? I don’t know, I did a lot of this at night and I don’t think straight after 8:30pm. Those suckers got Mod Podged on… I tried sewing them on and my machine was NOT having it. It dried pretty hard since I did about four coats to get the glittery goodness I wanted.


By Saturday morning I had just about had it with the Dalek costume, and the party was that evening so I just Sharpied the black details on the bodice. I’d had grand plans of cutting out little black rectangles and sewing them on but that was so not happening after I’d been working on it every day after work for a week while fighting bronchitis. Just… no.


We had some failed attempts at making the Dalek gun and eye stalk, but I gave up trying to figure out how to attach the eye stalk to the kid’s head, and Liam hated the Dalek gun hanging off him so that was taken off pronto. Doubt we even have any pictures of it.


And now TARDIS dress pictures!!! I used the Ruby dress pattern because it’s the simplest dress pattern I have (man, Rae really helped me out this Halloween!) and I figured the lack of darts and seams would make the best palette for TARDIS details.

I do have to tell you guys that I emailed Hawthorne Threads to ask for help picking out a good match for TARDIS blue and I got such a thoughtful, helpful response that appeared to be crowdsourced from multiple Whovians over at Hawthorne Threads. The best, guys. The best. And their recommendation was spot on – I bought Free Spirit Designer Solid in Admiral and I think it’s perfect.


I cut out rectangles for the front paneling. I should have sewn them on with darker thread or layered a darker fabric beneath but… that wasn’t something  I noticed until after sewing them all on and looking at pictures. Oh well.

ALSO, THEY’RE ALL POCKETS. I think it’s keeping in the vein of “bigger on the inside” to have so many pockets.

I hand embroidered POLICE BOX on the yoke but left out the PUBLIC CALL… it was getting too tiny and I’m really not a great embroiderer to begin with 😦


I went the easy route for the TARDIS sign and printed it on iron on transfer paper. Correction – I sent my husband to his parents’ house to do this because we don’t have a printer. And he had to go back and redo it because I forgot to tell him to flip the image so it would transfer correctly. Oops.


Besides the pockets, I think the windows are my favorite part. They’re just so cute. Love them.

And I’m so glad I made myself a TARDIS dress.

Husband was the Doctor, and I kid you not, the entire costume is pulled out of his current wardrobe. He seriously already dresses like Eleven. I’d say that’s why I married him except we didn’t discover Doctor Who until after we were married.


Kid approved, as you can see.

This is already a ridiculously long post so I will have to save L’s other costume for tomorrow! Also I still need to upload the pictures of this costume. Always last minute here…