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Easy ottoman slipcover – FINISHED!


I’d never made a slipcover before. It was nap time and we were having guests over the next day so I took one look at this sorry ottoman and decided I needed to act. Immediately.

Getting rid of this ottoman is not an option. It was the first piece of furniture we bought for our house since all of the rest of furniture was hand-me-down (except for our bed which we bought when we first got married). Thank goodness the in-laws were downsizing at the same time we were moving into our own home! Seriously – we got a This End Up matching set of a couch, armchair, coffee table, two side tables, and later on a console. Best hand-me-downs ever, right?!

Anyway a few days after we moved in to our home Kev ran out to Target to buy some essentials like you know, shower curtain rods and toilet paper holders – yes, we lived for several days without a shower curtain. How do you shower without a shower curtain, you ask? The answer is, very carefully. (Please, like I even showered in the first few days after bringing a baby home from the hospital. I’m only a little bit kidding.)

While Kev was at Target he picked up this storage ottoman as a storage solution for the living room. It was dirt cheap, maybe $20 or less. Thinking back on it we probably should have coughed up a few extra dollars for at least a faux leather one because let me tell you, once Liam was mobile that sucker got GROSS. It received a few too many yogurt treatments, I think. I was usually been pretty good about wiping it up in time before anything set in it, so it doesn’t smell at all, but the microsuede just looked awful. Besides it being our first ever piece of new furniture (I know Kev isn’t as attached to it in that way), it also houses Kev’s video games and extra controllers so obviously it serves a need in our home.


Slipcover to the rescue! This is a less-than-one-nap project so it gets major points. I used a little over a yard of this pretty fabric I found at Joann’s. I originally wanted to use the same fabric I used for this dairy crate ottoman I made in December but couldn’t find it again at Joann’s… BUT I think I like the way this turned out better – it matches but doesn’t look TOO matchy. (Dairy crate ottoman tutorial will need to come some other time. Another way easy project and looks sooo cute stuffed with Liam’s books.)