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Happy New Year 2014!

2013 review of items sewn:
For me: 10 (plus a handful of unblogged dresses)
For Liam: 11
For Kevin: 1 (sorry love… but there is 1 more from 2013 that is yet to be blogged!)
For the home: 4
For others: 7 – not counting Christmas presents!!!

Let’s see how I did against my 2013 reSEWlutions, shall we?

  1. Start a blog to keep myself motivated on my projects. – DONE!
  2. Cloth napkins in a pretty fabric – DONE!
  3. Liam’s birthday quilt – DONE!
  4. Quilt for a niece or nephew who is on the way! – FAIL. Said nephew is turning 1 in a couple of months. Oops.
  5. Blazer for LiamDONE!
  6. Try at least one new fabric type – DONE! As much as I still love the variety of designs you can only find in quilting cotton, there are lots of much better apparel fabrics. I’ve sewn with wool, cotton voile, cotton-linen blends, flannel, and corduroy (twice!) this year.
  7. New pillowcases for living room – DONE! (not blogged) I sewed up a bunch of Christmas pillowcases. I probably need non-holiday ones too though.
  8. Bow ties for the husband – FAIL. But I made him pants? Surely that is worth a million bow ties?
  9. Learn how to sew buttonholes! – DONE! A million times and more!
  10. Try sewing a zipper or two. – DONE! (And a zipper fly too!) And I just bought an invisible zipper foot so WATCH OUT!
  11. Finish Christmas pennant banner! – Fail-ish. But not a fail! I was really not feeling the way the banner was coming on and I complained to Kev about it one evening. He said he has a rule about not finishing a book if he’s not enjoying it – there are infinite books he could be reading instead, and would enjoy more. That really helped me get past my obsession with seeing this project through even though I didn’t like it. So that project got scrapped. We hosted a Christmas party and no one was devastated about the lack of a Christmas banner! (I think).
  12. Take better pictures! No more blurry phone pictures! – Done-ish. I got a new camera for my birthday (the Nikon J1) so my pictures have gotten marginally better starting in August. I’m really not a photographer, nor will I ever be, but I think my pictures are good enough to showcase the finished product.
  13. Update this blog with projects I HAVE completed – DONE.

Soooo, not bad! I feel like I really evolved throughout this year as a sewist so I feel much more like I’m on an intermediate level rather than beginner at this point.

Now for my 2014 reSEWlutions! I don’t have quite as many this year because my main goal is: SEW A BUTTLOAD OF CLOTHES. But that’s a bit rude, isn’t it? Also not easily quantifiable – I don’t just want to say “sew 30 items” because then I might feel pressured in December to just sew up a bunch of pants for Liam to meet my quota.

  1. Sew at least 1 more pair of pants for Kev. The man definitely needs them.
  2. Make either a raincoat or winter coat for myself. I’m waffling between the Rainy Days hooded jacket by Amy Butler and the Colette Albion jacket. I’m not sure I can do both this year but we’ll see! I actually already own both patterns; it’s just a matter of WHEN I can get around to them.
  3. Sew more cake for myself! I really need solid/neutral tops and bottoms so I can actually mix and match my wardrobe.
  4. Try out a new-to-me pattern designer.
  5. Dress pants for myself! I may be able to kill two birds with one stone if I use the Thurlow trousers pattern from new-to-me Sewaholic! I never like the way RTW pants fit on me so this would really help my wardrobe.
  6. Participate in at least 1 sew-a-long!
  7. Stay on top of blogging finished projects a bit better… Right now I have about half a dozen items that still need to be photographed and blogged.

Thanks so much for following along, friends! A very happy new year to you all!



13 New Years Re-SEW-lutions for 2013

  1. Start a blog to keep myself motivated on my projects… Is it too early to check this one off? I really like checking things off a list.
  2. Cloth napkins in a pretty fabric – great cloth napkin tutorial – DONE!
  3. Liam’s birthday quilt – I loooove See Kate Sew’s pleated strip quilt! – DONE!
  4. Also a quilt for a niece or nephew who is on the way! I won’t finish in time for his/her due date in February but sometime soon!
  5. Blazer for Liam – try Melly-Sew’s pattern – DONE!
  6. Try at least one new fabric type (knit maybe?) – DONE! (wool!)
  7. New pillowcases for living room… dare I try for seasonal pillowcases? – DONE!
  8. Bow ties for the husband
  9. Learn how to sew buttonholes! – DONE!
  10. Try sewing a zipper or two. – DONE!
  11. Finish Christmas pennant banner! (by next Christmas…)
  12. Only vaguely sewing related – take better pictures! No more blurry phone pictures!
  13. Update this blog with projects I HAVE completed so I can see my accomplishments! I’ve done a lot this year so I think it’ll be nice to see them all laid out. Also so I can get my brag-status on.