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Ruffle Apron II

see kate sew

Here’s my second Ruffle Apron!


This was for my friend Emma’s bridal shower. She’s getting married later this month and I can’t wait!

And because I’m a bad friend, I didn’t know that her fiance does all the cooking… but we had a good time laughing over the thought of her fiance wearing this apron while cooking.

I think I’m laughing here because L found a bowl of mac + cheese on the table and just started eating it. IMAG2484[1]

(If you look closely you’ll see I’m wearing a yet-to-be-blogged Washi in Cynthia Rowley Pointillism. It’s my latest Washi and I get compliments on it EVERYWHERE I go. The fabric is that awesome.)

I just used two fabrics I picked out at Jo-Ann’s in the quilting section. I love red/coral with teal! I’m especially fond of this scattered white dots on red.



I guess I can’t be TOO bad of a friend… I embroidered her initial on the pocket, for goodness sakes.



Ruffle Apron I

see kate sew

I love it when a plan comes together.

I couldn’t think of what to make for my friend Liz for her wedding. I’d already powered through napkins, oven mitts, and coasters for her bridal shower, so I shot her an email and begged her to let me know what I could make for her. She g-chatted me immediately and said she wanted an apron. Win.

The next day, Ruffles 2013 started at See Kate Sew and she was offering up a free (for now) apron pattern. DOUBLE WIN!

I asked Liz what her fave animal was and she said elephant, so I sent her links to a bunch of elephant fabrics and she picked out Michael Miller Little Elephants. I was determined to use the leftover from her napkins as an accent but I had to get reaaaally creative as I had very little left over. I couldn’t squeeze out ties for the neck straps so those became one shorter non-adjustable strap. I at least got a couple of ruffles in!


Typical self-conscious, “I don’t know what to do with my hands” pose.IMAG2451[1]

This picture made me realize that I NEED ONE FOR MYSELF.

THOSE ELEPHANTS. Luckily I have some of the Elephants Toss fabric in the black colorway…

As the title of this post suggests, I’ve made more than one! And not for me, sadly… it was for my friend Emma’s bridal shower (I know, this fall is crazy with weddings and I love it) which was this morning so that post is coming sooooon!

There will probably be third Ruffle Apron because I’m pretty sure I need one now. With ruffle overload.